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This article discusses best practices when editing SurveyCTO HTML Input and provides useful commands.

Read First

  • SurveyCTO lets you change the format of question text using basic HTML commands.
  • In some surveys it can be useful to highlight different parts of text in bold or a different color, either for a set of repeating questions where the text changes slightly or for a block of text that is particularly important.

Best Practice

Some potential uses could be:

  • It is probably better to display repeating questions such as: "How much cabbage did you cultivate on plot 3 during the rainy season?' as "How much cabbage did you cultivate on plot 3 during the rainy season?"
  • Enumerator instructions can be highlighted in different colors. E.g. " * IMPORTANT * Don't forget to..."
  • Note that these commands can only be used for labels and hints, not for choice options.


The following commands should enclose the text you want to highlight:

  • Bold: <b> text here </b>
  • Italic: <i> text here </i>
  • Colors: <font color="red"> text here </font>

More examples can be found here

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