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The DIME Wiki is a public good aimed to increase the quality of international development research. It is targeted towards all researchers and monitoring and evaluation specialists at the World Bank, clients managing data collection efforts in the field, donor institutions, universities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and governments. While many impact evaluation resources exist, The DIME Wiki aims to fulfill a unique role as a publicly available, easily searchable, up-to-date resource focused on practical implementation rather than theory. Backed by a vibrant network of editors who are experts in the field of global development research, The DIME Wiki details the latest technological advances in electronic data collection in a manner suitable for users of varying levels of expertise.

DIME is the impact evaluation unit of the World Bank Research Group. Part of DIME’s mission is to intensify the production of and access to public goods that improve the quantity and quality of global development research while lowering the costs of doing impact evaluations for the entire research community. The DIME Wiki is developed and maintained by the DIME Analytics team, an initiative aimed to provide data quality assurance to all DIME impact evaluations. The Wiki is funded by the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development through the i2i Trust Fund. Test image.png