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== Preparing for a Survey Pilot ==
=== All stages ===
Get printable version [https://dimewiki.worldbank.org/index.php?title=Checklist:_Preparing_for_a_Survey_Pilot&printable=yes here]. For more resources on the topics covered in this checklist, see [[Survey Pilot]], [[Structuring a Survey Pilot]], [[Piloting Survey Content]] and [[Piloting Survey Protocols]].  Note that this checklist is best displayed in Chrome, Firefox, Safari or any other modern browser.
[] Have you identified a sufficient number of qualified interviewers?

[] Have you trained the interviewers on the survey instrument?
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[] Have you identified a comparable area and population for the pilot?
[] Have you secured all approvals / letters of support needed in your context?
[] Has someone contacted the local leaders in the pilot area to inform them of planned survey activity?
[] Will the team be staying overnight in the pilot area? If so, do you have necessary permissions to travel (from government, World Bank, etc)?
[] Has someone taken care of the logistics (e.g. car rentals, meals or per diem for interviewers)?
[] Do you have a venue reserved for training the interviewers?
=== Pre-Pilot ===
[] Do you have a set protocol for identifying participants in focus group discussions?
[] Do you have a form prepared for interviewers to record qualitative observations and notes from discussion?
[] Have you tested interviewers’ note-taking abilities during the training and provided feedback on content and handwriting?
[] If you do not speak the local language(s), do you have a tried-and-true research assistant to accompany you to translate?
=== Content-focused Pilot ===
[] Is the questionnaire you are piloting fully translated into the local language?
[] Is the instrument formatted for printing? Make sure there are sufficient margins on all pages for notes
[] Did you print enough copies of the instrument for all interviewers and all people accompanying interviews to have a copy for each planned interview?
[] Does the survey instrument include both the research team language and local language (where different)? If not, remember to print out copies in each language as applicable.
[] Do you have access to a printer to print revisions in real time if significant changes are needed?
[] Have you instructed interviewers (or observers) to note start and end time for each module?
=== Data-focused Pilot ===
[] Have you office-tested the final version of the programmed instrument for any bugs, and to ensure that all questions appear as expected and reflect the final translation?
[] Do you have enough tablets for all interviewers and all people accompanying interviews?
[] Have you set up a SurveyCTO server for the pilot (remember, no data can be uploaded to the DIME Test server)?
:: [] Is the name for the pilot form on the server clearly distinguishable from the final survey?
:: [] Have you assigned a form id unique to the pilot? (to avoid confusing pilot data with final data)
:: [] Do all team members who need it have log-on information?
[] Is the SurveyCTO Collect app updated to the version of SurveyCTO your server is running? (see the ‘Collect’ tab on your server for instructions).
:: [] Best to update your server and app to the latest version of SurveyCTO before starting the pilot.
:: [] Once you have piloted, avoid updating the app even if a new version is released, to avoid compatibility issues.
[] Are all tablets / phones running the most updated version of their operating system? (or at a minimum, are they all running exactly the same OS?)
[] Are all tablets / phones set to the correct date and time?
[] Is the pilot-form downloaded and ready-to-go on all tablets?
[] Are all tablets fully charged? Do you have battery packs with you in case any batteries run out?
[] Do you have a couple of paper copies of the survey, for observers to use, and/or as a last resort in case of unsolvable tablet problems?
[] Have you built in time to the field plan to make any required revisions to the programming and re-download the revised forms on all tablets?
[] Have you set up Stata do-files for importing and labeling data?
[] Have you set up a Stata do-file for running high frequency checks?

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This article is part of the topic [[Check Lists for Field Coordinators]]
This article is part of the topic [[Check Lists]].

==Additional Resources==
*DIME Analytics’ guidelines on [https://github.com/worldbank/DIME-Resources/blob/master/survey-guidelines.pdf piloting surveys]
*DIME Analytics’ guidelines on [https://github.com/worldbank/DIME-Resources/blob/master/survey-instruments.pdf survey design and pilot]
[[Category: Survey Pilot]]
[[Category: Survey Pilot]]

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Get printable version here. For more resources on the topics covered in this checklist, see Survey Pilot, Structuring a Survey Pilot, Piloting Survey Content and Piloting Survey Protocols. Note that this checklist is best displayed in Chrome, Firefox, Safari or any other modern browser.

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