Computer-Assisted Personal Interviews (CAPI)

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Computer-Assisted Personal Interviews(CAPI) is a face-to-face interview method where the interviewer uses a tablet, mobile phone or a computer to record answers given during the interview. There are a wide variety of CAPI software in the market which makes it easy even for someone with no programming experience to program a questionnaire for computer assisted interviews.

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Advantages over PAPI method

CAPI method has a few advantages over the PAPI method of data collection. The advantages are link to better data quality and management and are listed below:

  • The data can be validated during the interview leading to less data errors.
  • There is no need to convert the data to a computer readable form as the software does that. For large surveys, this saves a lot of time and effort for the survey team.
  • Complex skips in the questionnaire can be programmed directly into the software, making the survey more efficient and accurate.

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