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At DIME we have a development server called dimetest.surveycto.com. If you are working at DIME you can get access to this server. See instructions below.

Read First

  • Do not use the development server as storage. We regularly delete all content on the server without notice, and you are expected to have your forms elsewhere
  • Do not upload more data than a couple of test submissions. If you need to submit test data or pilot data then you need to set up your on server.

Getting Access

In order to gain access to the server, email anyone in DIME Analytics. If you do not know anyone in DIME Analytics, go to your World Bank email, search for DIME Analytics in the address book. You can also use that email.

In this email, tell us your name, which project you are working on and who is your DC based supervisor. We will then get back to you.

Housekeeping rules

  1. Give your survey a name (project name or your own name) so we know who each questionnaire belongs to
  2. You are not allowed to collect any data using this server. You may submit a couple of test forms, but as soon as you pilot your questionnaire or want to submit more test than a couple of forms, you have to set up a dedicated server for your project.
  3. Save your forms elsewhere. We do regular clean up on the server so you are expected to save a copy of your questionnaires elsewhere. Use a cloud based service to save your data, so that we can recover any files lost. This server is only meant for testing, not storing. We delete data during these clean up as well, but it should not be an issue as we are not supposed to collect data on this server.
  4. Do not use this server to contact SurveyCTO's support. DIME Analytics can contact them on your behalf, so please get in touch with us, unless you have your own server that you can use to contact SurveyCTO's support.
  5. We keep this server up to date to the most recent version of SurveyCTO. If your project depends on a function unique to a specific version of SurveyCTO, then you need to set up your on server.

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