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We encourage everyone to contribute with their experiences to the DIME Wiki. We have collected instructions and resources for how to contribute on this page.

We use Media Wiki as the platform for our Wiki. There are a lot of good resources on how to create content in Media Wiki online. All features that you read about in any of these resources should be possible to use on the DIME Wiki.

We reserve the right to review edits.

General introduction to Media Wiki

If you do not have any experience with Media Wiki, then we would recommend that you start by looking at a YouTube tutorial. Here is one example.

General resources when adding content on a Media Wiki

If you want a resource on how to format your text, please click here

Creating a new page

Before creating a new page on the DIME Wiki, make sure that there are no similar pages where your contributions could fit.

There are several ways to create a new page. You can either search for a new page, and if the page does not exist you are offered to create it. You can also make an internal link (see formating reource in section above) to the page that does not exist yet. When you click the link to that page, you will be offered to create that page.