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We encourage everyone to contribute their knowledge and experience to the DIME Wiki. This page provides resources detailing how to create and edit content. Note that DIME reserves the right to review edits. The DIME Wiki style guide, prepared by DIME Analytics, provides detailed guidelines for adding, and editing content on the DIME Wiki.

Introduction to MediaWiki

DIME Wiki uses MediaWiki as its platform. All processes outlined on MediaWiki, on creating, and editing a page are also applicable to the DIME Wiki page. If you do not have any experience with Media Wiki, then you might consider starting with a video tutorial. DIME Analytics has also compiled a MediaWiki cheat sheet, which covers the basics of formatting for anyone who is new to MediaWiki.

For any further information related to the server that hosts the DIME Wiki, as well as for adding new formatting and syntax options, you can email wbradsupport@worldbank.org.

Creating New Pages

Before creating a new page on the DIME Wiki, ensure that there are no existing pages in which your contributions could fit. If no relevant page currently exists, then you may create a new one in several ways. You can search for the new page; if the page does not exist, you will be offered to create it. You can also create an internal link to the page that does not exist yet. When you click the link to that page, you will be offered to create that page.