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Welcome to the DIME Wiki!

See below for the topics of the wiki

How to contribute to the Wiki

Everyone is encouraged to contribute to this Wiki. We reserve the right to review edits. For instructions on how to contribute to the Wiki click here.

Work Cycle topics

These topics follows the life cycle of typical impact evaluation

  1. Impact Evaluation Design
  2. Human Subjects Approval
  3. Sampling
  4. Preparing for Data Collection
  5. Questionnaire Design
  6. Questionnaire Translation
  7. Questionnaire Programming
  8. Survey firm procurement
  9. Survey pilot
  10. Enumerator training
  11. Planning field work
  12. Monitoring data quality
  13. Data management
  14. Data cleaning
  15. Data analysis
  16. Reproducible Research

Stand alone topics

Here are several topics that does not relate to a specific stage of a an impact evaluation, but provide helpful resources across all stages.

  1. Stata Coding Practices
  2. SurveyCTO Coding Practices
  3. Geo Spatial Data
  4. Check Lists