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Best Practice

SurveyCTO lets you change the format of question text using basic HTML commands. In some surveys it can be useful to highlight different parts of text in bold or a different color, either for a set of repeating questions where the text changes slightly or for a block of text that is particularly important. Some potential uses could be:

  • It is probably better to display repeating questions such as: "How much cabbage did you cultivate on plot 3 during the rainy season?' as "How much cabbage did you cultivate on plot 3 during the rainy season?"
  • Enumerator instructions can be highlighted in different colors. E.g. " * IMPORTANT * Don't forget to..."
  • Note that these commands can only be used for labels and hints, not for choice options.


The following commands should enclose the text you want to highlight in this format: <$> text here </$>, where the '$' should be replaced by:

  • Bold: 'b'
  • Italic: 'i'
  • Colors: 'font color="red"' then 'font'

More examples can be found here

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