SurveyCTO Server Management

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change name to SCTO Server management

In SurveyCTO, all questionniares and data associated with a project is uploaded to a server. Server sound technical but from the perspective of the user experience, it is nothing more complicated than opening a internet browser and logging in to your project's account on SurveyCTO's website. We will keep using the term "server" but for most purposes it can just as well be thought of as an "account".

The projcet team uploads questionniare to the server

If you are working on a DIME project and you are still just developing your questionnaire, please read about DIME's development server first.

Read fist

  • If you update your server, you must update the SurveyCTO collect app on all tablets using that server


How to organize users

Keeping your server up to date

SurveyCTO regularly releases updates for the servers. These updates are not automatically pushed to all servers as one should be careful if updating a server during an ongoing survey.