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Data collection is often done through a local research or survey firm. Survey firms may be local or international, for-profit or non-profit.

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Identifying a high-quality and trustworthy survey firm is the most important step in Preparing for Data Collection.


Local Firm

  • Pros: Typically have good network of enumerators, know local context and work in local language(s)
  • Cons: Experience and capacity level varies. Lack of familiarity with Bank procurement can be an issue.

International Firm (e.g. Gallup, Ipsos)

  • Pros: Extensive survey experience. Well-versed in Bank procurement.
  • Cons: Less knowledge of context, management may not speak local language, may not have good relationship with local staff or enumerators

Research NGO (e.g. IPA, Invest in Knowledge Initiative)

  • Pros: Not-for profit, typically more budget transparency and incentives more in line with those of research team. Relationship with research team more collaborative / partnership.
  • Cons: Often encounter issues with reporting on Bank deliverables.

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